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Information About the Todd County Community Center

 Citizen Volunteer Thank You Luncheon [Click here to view full size picture] This Community Center for Todd County was created by citizens of Todd County who participated in a grant project entitled Building a Sense of Place.

The Building a Sense of Place process was designed by the Land Information Access Association (LIAA) to help inform and encourage leadership at the community level in focusing on the preservation of cultural and natural resources. Funded by the Joyce Foundation and LIAA, this project demonstrates a new approach to addressing the problems of suburban sprawl and urban redevelopment. By directly engaging public officials and citizens in the process of developing a community-focused information system known as the Community Center, the project improves public knowledge of land use change and the potentially adverse impacts of poorly planned developments, both locally and regionally.

Thank You! There were so many volunteers that helped compile information, took photographs and shared their ideas to help build this web site. With limited resources, there was no big party at the end of the information gathering phase, so once all of the information was posted we shared a lunch together and talked about the assets Todd County has to offer. There is a lot to appreciate for those that live here as well as those that come to visit. Thanks again to all of you that helped get this site started!

The Todd County Community Center is a comprehensive system for providing an extensive array of information about Todd County to the public. This information includes a geographically referenced asset inventory and useful analytical tools. The Community Center is designed to provide direct access to a broad set of digital maps and geographic analyses of the vicinity, as well as information about the history, community services, cultural resources, natural features, recreation, and business and industry. It also includes information about local government and related services of Todd County. The Community Center includes photographs and other multimedia options, as well as relevant links, all organized to help inform both public and private community planning and development decisions.

Click here to view full size picture The Todd County Community Center is intended for use by all government officials, schools, libraries, visitors and residents in the Todd County. This effort occurred through the work of several Field Teams, organized according to the information listed when you click on the "Community Information" button on the left menu.

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This page last updated on 8/8/2006.