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Township Road Information
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In the early days township road orders were kept on file with the Townships. It was decided that the information should be filed with the County and submitted to the Todd County Auditor. The Auditor/Treasurer's office stores packets of township road orders that may be viewed upon request. The realization was made that if the road orders were recorded in the County Recorder's Office, they would then become a part of the owner's abstract, thus they were recorded in theCounty Recorder's Office. So there were then actually three places to look for township road orders.
In the late 1970's, early 1980's the townships were directed to hold a public meeting in reference to their township roads. They were asked to create a map & legal description only for the roads that they were actively responsible for, not to include those that they were not actively used and maintained by the township. Then hold a public hearing. After the hearing they were to record their entire Township Road Listing with the Todd County Recorder's Office.

In this site you will find the Township Road Listings and other related documents that have been recorded in reference to those roads.
For a more complete search of township road information, you should search the tract index in the County Recorder's Office.

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